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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15th December 2010

Why oh why do I have such a wealth of knowledge that has amazed people down the years that led to the legendary Mr Griffin of Abbotsford fame to describe me as a 'walking encylcopedia', yet not done much career wise. Latest person to be amazed was Sardinian native Enrico at my knowledge of Italian dialects at christmas dinner Monday night! Whilst it has earned me praise and respect (even if it has not been too benefical career wise so far.), I did on one occasion scare off someone a few years ago when I stupidly revealed her date of birth. I have learned to be more careful since that incident and not be too much like Mr Beneett from the early series of Heroes. Wish there was more oppertunitys out there. :(

Its been a busy mixed few weeks, Strike Towers much like the rest of the UK got flooded with snow. I managed to cope with little problems although trains and buses were messed up. I attended St Catherines Hospices Christmas dinner at Harvesters in Three Bridges hosted by the lovely Zuzana, without realsing the wide choice of meals that were on offer at Harvesters I went for a veggi meal, but eventually a kind lady donated some lovely MEAT from her plate to munch on! Apart from bringing to teh place a debit card instead of cash in hand, it was generally a fun night and thank everyone there for a fun evening!

I also attended the last of Chrystel's cooking courses last night where we were taught a fine dish from her native land of Lebanon! Hopefully the course will start up next term but she is considering hosting it at some centre in Tilgate, I am currently 50/50 on whether I want to carry on the courses or not, as considering linking up with Haywards Heath harriers on the same day. I will have to wait and see.

Not forgetting a 90's party night in Brighton at Concorde 2 where they had a Sega Megadrive and perhaps took it a little too seriously being the only person possibly on the night to get to Labyrinth Zone on Sonic The Hedgehog without losing a life, punters were watching me like vultures hoping I would die, but eventually I passed on to someone fearing I was hogging the console.

I promise and plan to write up a Christmas statement to be published on Christmas Day, where I will be reflecting on the last year which has been a year of change in the life of Mr Ball, moving into my first flat meeting more and exciting people the rise of Brighton and Hove Albion FC etc. Plus will reveal the winner of the quote competition of the year.

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