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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19th October 2010

Apologys for the slight neglect of this blog 17 days! Mind you there are certain notable blogs and forums that have gone quiet in this time of recession recently!

Anyway I was honoured to be a part of McCarthys XIII birthday celebrations guests included a range of other minor celebritys including NSP founder Steve Valder, Splash FMs Nick Osborne. There was my disapointing pool performances and someone pointing out how much I looked like the great Englishman the Duke Of Wellington himself, which I was honoured! Scott McCarthy decided to not quite do as many pubs in Brighton (with Basketmakers, Lord Nelson and Duke Of Wellington being the main ones) as he had done in his 2006 birthday pub crawl of all Burgess Hill pubs (including the now burnt down and demolished Junction Inn RIP), but somehow McCarthy ended up in a bigger state than the previous ones! He ended up doing all kinds of exciting activitys that got people around curious what the legend was up too! Some of which would go on all day including having to wear a nappy and being a victim of people like Andy Rumble pouring all kinds of alcoholic liquid down it! Eventually McCarthy struggled to move at Brighton Station gaining attention for his trousers falling that attracted the attention of a cop that described him as extremely intoxicated, thanks to Mark Potter and Oli, McCarthy made a safe journey home on the train despite carrying his random cheers, chants and conversations with strangers before being left to make the long walk from the Station back to McCarthy Towers!

Apart from work experience the cooking course directed by the wonderful Phoenician Lady teacher, I have had to be careful with the pennys which resulted in me not being able to attend Brightons 4-0 RAPE of Charlton on Saturday with them still top of League 1 and becoming the most fashionable football club to follow possibly in the world at the moment! Meanwhile I plan to blitz a series of job agency websites this week continuing the never ending quest of work! There is Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up soon and I hope to make an appearance at the great scenes of the County Town for the East Of Gods County Lewes Bonfire Parade! Hopefully things can get better! :)

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