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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Flashbacks

Random Flash Backs

For some reason drink (I was at pub quiz tonight and a bank card, seem to have a massive effect on past memorys. My first random flashback, came a few days ago when I received a new bank/ debit card unexpected, it brought back flashbacks of 29th October 2005 when after Brighton drawing Ipswich on the false dawn that Brighton had got their new stadium at Falmer, I joined in a celebration that included the likes of Fatboy (Andy Rumble), Chez (name escapes me), and Boo Sticks (Abi Jones!), at the then named Font and Firkin, me and Andy Rumble tried unsussessfuly to pass my basic bank card as some sort of debit/ credit card to save me taking a long walk to a hole in the wall! My new bank/ debit card came almost exactly 5 years late! (shocking I did not cover this story in blog due to PC then being down!).

The second one seems to relate to yours truly winning and getting special award from a karaoke competition at Broadfield Playcentre (Creseys Drive not Rathlin Road sorry for spelling) round about 1996 or 97 that was run by the main organiser of the Youth Club (we got cool state of the art cards as members!) lovely Janine (whose Dad was also a Brighton fan). Anybody know what she is up to these days? Please get in touch. God knows why random memory number 2 has popped up! lol

More next time! lol Not!

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