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Thursday, April 29, 2010

29th April 2010

Would like to start by saying I have been busy sorting Strike Towers out, hence being a little quiet on here. But with a lot more furniture coming through thanks to community care grant, it finally feels like I am at home! Though still no cooker or fridge!


I went to see an interesting Paris based American electro act Uffie at Concorde 2 on Saturday, with her rapping behind French electro house! Good artist, but should have been on stage longer and not let her co French DJs (pronouncing Bry-tonne was one highlight) be the show. Plus I should have chatted to nice blonde Danish bar girl a lot more than just asking for drink and where she was from shyness kicking in again! Damn!


I will be attending the REMF match between Brighton fans and P*lace fans on Friday, as tradition! Plus will be marking the 5th anniversary next month of Strike Factory with a special blog entry looking back over the last five years the highlights and lows in this exciting and strange period of my life. From the stresses of home (plus Crawley) and returning to college, to saving the WTA Eastbourne tennis event, and the classic comments of Abi Jones (boo sticks!), Andy Rumble and Steve Valder etc in response to blog entries.

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