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Monday, April 12, 2010

12th April 2010

I have started exercising again in a bid to try and get back into long distance running, influenced by Andy Rumble running at this years Brighton Marathon, I am now training to return to long distance running at club standard, and take part in the 2011 Brighton Marathon, in return Strike Factory sponsors and endorses Mr Rumble and his charity the Rockinghorse appeal.

My grant is still yet to frustratingly arrive, the flat is still generally bare (apart from a kind donation of chest of draws by Andy Rumble!). I hopefully should get some help from Signpost (organisation that helps young people that have gone into homes).


I was a non playing guest at the World Marble Championships, which take place in the Greyhound, at Tinsley Green. I was curious about the history of this great Sussex event which according to local legend marbles has been played here since the late 16th century when a Sussex man took on a Surrey man in a bid to woo a local maid! The World Marble championships have therefore taken place since 1932! I hope to enter a Strike Factory team next year to take on teams from the local Sussex and Surrey area, Germany, USA, and New Zealand. Hopefully some of my blogger friends can arrange some warm up events.


Today I met a former work colleague (will keep her anonymous) from my days at Sports Soccer. She was shocked that apparently I was the only guy she knew from her sports soccer days that is single and has no kids still! I ended up saying to her so what I am happy being single, and free though want a lady in my life one day but not too fussed at the moment! She was also funny about my taste of music. At the end of the day who cares, I am happy and comfortable with my life, yes it can be a bit improved. But there is plenty of 20 something guys that are single and have similar music taste, except the majority that worked at Sports Soccer I guess!


Finally I was shocked and sad about the death of Polish president Lech Kaczyński  and other people that perished in the plane over the weekend. Kaczyński was in general a respectable president of Poland, who oversaw Poland be one of the few country’s in Europe cope well during the recession and was a patriot who reached to Poland’s Jewish community and was anti-Lisbon Treaty. Only negative was he was a critic of gay rights but otherwise seemed a good man that cared about his country! Yet another tragedy in the history of these brave people!


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