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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30th March 2010

Well it is now my third week at the flat, and things have generally been fine, apart from a tragic event involving a neighbour below my flat on Saturday! I hope to start decorating the flat this week.


I made my long awaited return to playing tennis this week at Crawley LTC, partnering a lovely woman named Connie I made a glorious return losing 6-0 in the mixed doubles, but won my next two matches after that. I am now working out my finances to see if I am able long term to return playing regular tennis at this fine tennis club.


I had an exciting Saturday night, starting off at Northern Lights Brighton’s quality Nordic themed pub/ restuaurant, with its legendary eccentric master from Finland Manu Lappenen entertaining the regulars, and chatting to regulars regarding anything from girls, Green South Africans to Norwegian Black Metal, rumour has it that the place celebrated 2 years the other day with wild exciting scenes at the birthday party esp involving Mr Lappenen himself! I will certainly love to consider it as one of the venues to celebrate Strike Factorys 5th Birthday Anniversary in late May, following the successful Albion Roar Xmas and New Years Eve partys at the same venue!


I then joined up with Paul Hayward and his friend whose name escapes me, to see Transformers at Audio, and I was stalked by some former Holy Trinity pupils that are closet fans of my good self who knew I was Charles Ball, but thought I attended Holy Trinity school which I never did, getting me mixed up with my younger brothers who both attended the school, although a blonde girl in the group did excite me.


Finally a special mention to Brett Mendoza, who recently has entered the field of video and web media, he is well known to Brighton & Hove Albion and Sussex cricket fans as ‘that Chinese guy’, but is an English Gentleman born and bred to Filipino parents to be accurate. He has recently produced this quality video on information about his home city of Brighton and Hove, and is worthy of the five starts to win an online event he has entered check it out at here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01sa_B6Knes  for more information check out TEAM BRETT : Please Vote For Me !!!!! on Facebook!


That’s all I am off to play some classic Tekken and then sleep. Take care people!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edit update

I have slightly revamped the last diary blog entry, on Miss Bridges and Mrs Ellis effects to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity with the new website donating link now included. One of the main good charitys they are donating to is the local Chestnut Tree Hospice near Arundel.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

20th March 2010

Well as I write this in the new Strike Towers this long cold winters end is just an hour away. I moved into my new flat in Three Bridges (former Victorian commuter village now suburb) area of Crawley on Monday though initially with no gas which resulted in me sleeping round Eamonn Rea’s flat.


Although I have electricity and gas, I currently have no cooking facilities of note in kitchen with exception of kettle and toaster, so having to go to nearby Open House, have the odd take away or friends/ family for cooked meals. It does not help money wise I am having to be tight until I get paid Tuesday and Community Care Grant does not come through until early April at the earliest.


But otherwise it has been a good week, enjoying my new home. Plus listening to Brighton and Hove Albions impressive wins against Brentford and Oldham and Crystal P*lace marooned in the drop zone. It was looking a good weekend until England failed to spoil Frances Grand Slam party in Paris, a complete repeat of 2004 when shortly after getting elected as Youth MP and a member of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet a similar good weekend in Pulborough when Mr Ball witnessed France brush aside then World Champions England in the same style, another weekend wrecked.


Talking of Youth MP, it is five years since due to personal problems sadly my Youth MP spell ended by me deciding not to run for second term, but it was a positive experience and I thank Pandora Ellis and the youth Westside of Gods County for believing in me.


The other day on Facebook, I got a message that Pandora Ellis organiser of West Sussex Youth Cabinet and fellow former Youth MP Claire Bridges are taking part in a brave mission to dominate Kilimanjaro. They need sponsorship, and I wish them the best of luck. Anyone that fancy’s helping them out go to the facebook group Claire, Pandora and Tor dominate KILIMANJARO!!! or theclimb.ne0.us 

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