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Saturday, March 06, 2010

6th March 2010

Well the last week has been pretty confusing regarding the flat. I got told by last Friday I would hear about the flat, but did not get told until Monday. On Monday hostel manager Val rang up Moat Housing Assocatition, and heard apparently due to supposed ‘problems’ the flat had it would only be used as emergency accomadation, and I would have to bid for another one. Most of this week I have been a bit down as a result and quiet. I was about to slag off Moat Housing (don’t worry I am just joking), when on Friday Valerie informed me that Moat Housing had rung up and said that the flat is suitable to live in and invited me to an interview and viewing of the flat finally next week. Hopefully the flat should be in a reasonable state and not as bad as they were earlier making out.


I have been recently amazed watching a recent interview how more stunning Anna Kournikova seems than when she was a tennis pro. As the famous PE teacher Francis Fahey once said, she will get better with age just a shame her tennis did not. As some fans and friends will know from school days, Anna Kournikova was a fave blonde Russian tennis star of mine who was top 10 in singles (despite not winning a WTA singles title), and a doubles star. But it not just her playing ablility wowing crowds of teenage boys and adult men in packed stadiums for other reasons in a short tennis career during late 90’s and early 00’s. She was one of my first crushes (we all have them don’t we guys) I had a massive fondness for (although I did not go stalking her or sending endless love letters and naked pictures of myself to her). So much so that it became common at school for pupils and teachers to believe in the myth that Anna Kournikova was the secret girlfriend of yours truly, especially when they discovered the odd photo of the girl in sexy Adidas tennis attire amongst my school work!


I once received a supposed email newsletter mentioning of her having a relationship with a Sussex schoolboy called Charles Ball (then aged 14 and certainly illegal for Miss Kournikova to date unless we escaped to Canada or some other country). To this day no one has claimed responsibility for the email newsletter, although I think I know very well who was behind it at school. I can safely confirm that sadly I have never met or had a relationship with Miss Anna Kournikova. But anyway here is the nice interview discussing what she gets up to nowadays courtesy of World Tennis Magazine! http://www.worldtennismagazine.com/archives/431

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