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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31st October 2007

I have not been up to a great amount apart from struggling with work. Just been clowning about at home the last week, doing almost sod all. So not a great amount, I have not even been arsed to celebrate the ancient BRITISH and IRISH festival that is Hallowen. On Saturday I ended up venturing down to the cinema, to watch ATONEMENT!, but it was for college reasons, as having to write a essay on the book. Could not help but drool at Keira Knightley through the movie though. At the moment, I am in a dilemma like last year whether to go to the legendary Lindfield Bonfire Festival, or venture to Lewes for the first time ever, or even go for drinks in Brighton. I fancy going out to the Lewes bonfire thing, then again I may be meeting a nice lady over the weekend.

Finally looking at photos on Facebook, of peoples partys, I am flattered and shocked at how the blonde wig look has become fashionable amongest males and females which started off with me wearing the wig to Cheltenham, looks like I might have to make another appearance in one soon.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24th October 2007

I am currently having a week off college due to half term. So got a bit of a break from the masses of homework. I have lost all intrest in international football due to Steve McClaren (go now for everyones sake), and those arrogant Premiershyte footballers. But I have been enjoying the rugby a lot more with England doing better than expected especially their victory against France in Paris.

On Saturday, I went and watched Albion play Leeds, the bummer being that there was no trains from Haywards Heath to Brighton, after being involved in the Haywards Heath Near Diaster, in one of the tunnels when people took a wrong turn. I managed to get a replacement bus to Preston Park. hoping they could continue their impressive record against the Tyke muppets, but ended up losing 1-0 to the scum. Afterwards I headed off to the Basketmakers Arms,to have a few drinks and get warmed up for watching the world cup rugby final at The Duke of Wellington, there were quite a few scenes that included when England appeared to be getting a try (which they did not). Someone behind me chucked their drink in the air resulting in a nice spill on the ceiling, and a few people being covered in drink. Also I accidently wrongly assumed that Jude Marley was pregrant during a conversation.

Eventully England lost the final with most of the crowd, hoping that Hamiltion would cheer them up (which would not happen).

After a takeaway at Uncle Sams I waited until 11:20 pm for a replacement bus that would take me to Haywards Heath Station, there were some scenes on there including the bus driver going nuts about people bringing alcohol onto the bus (although the Kiwis with the alcohol would not drink the stuff on the bus), and people ringing the bells on the bus as it was exiting Brighton. The angry bus driver threatened to take the bus back to Brighton Station at one point. Luckily the bus arrived at Haywards Heath Station. I ended up boarding the first class section, along with some wonderful New Zealand folk the same people who were nearly kicked off the bus at Brighton Station (despite the fact we did not have first class tickets sorry Southern), the girls were lovely. I enjoyed a lager with them and chatted about stuff relating to London and Auckland. Thanks to the guy for the drink. Should have got the pictures of the antics on the train. But did not have a camara on the train.

I eventully got off at Three Bridges Station and completed the journey to Ifield Station arriving at about 45 minutes after midnight, along with a half pissed Spurs season ticket holder, moaning about how a drunk girl who had slipped at Three Bridges Station costs us in tax money.

Meanwhile Mr Charles Ball seems to be encountering fellow ex Crawley College students (Central Sussex Crawley as it is now known). Apart from discovering Dipesh Nayee on Facebook, I have also recently bumped into James Horton at the footy on Saturday, and then Rosni Nayee at a Newsagents in Crawley. Along with Craig Marshall, who lives at Mr Balls former residence The Foyer, and is steward at Withdean Stadium. I can see a reunion meeting taking place soon.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

16th October 2007

What a last week, I headed off to Kulture (formerly the Standard where my parents used to enjoy drinks) in Brighton, to watch the mighty England beat the Frogs, alongside Andy Rumble and co, we had a few drinks celebrating and listening to dance classics like Everything But The Girl - Missing. Meanwhile quote of the week comes from a text sent by Brett Mendoza to everyone in Sussex.

Vsnessa Paradis, Theirry Henry, Shabal, Anelka, Napoleon, Charles De Gaulle, Nicole and Papa, your boys took one hell of a beating one hell of a beating.

Afterwards I could not find Rumble due to my mobile being gay, and headed to the Concorde for the Saturday Breakdown house/ techno/ electro music thing. Meanwhile, my move to Burgess Hill, looms nearer, waiting for the call to tell me I can move away from Creepy Crawley.

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