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Friday, August 31, 2007

31st August 2007

Well in the last week, I have managed to get my rent arrears completly sorted out and cleared. I celebrated by attending some Hardcore thing at Concorde 2 in Brighton on Friday night, and bumped into the legendary Eddie Biddle my old school friend, who will hopefully invite me to some raves similar events in the Worthing area. The night in general was quite good apart from the disapointment of Slipmatt not turning up. I ended up walking up to Brighton Station with bells ringing in my ears, which was frustrating though I was cheered up by the company of two fine Aussie girls. Advice make sure you bring ear plugs to future events like these, as it may result in you having hearing aids by the time you reach 40 years of age. LOL

 The following day I decided to venture down to Eastbourne seeing as the weather was lovely and wanted to get out of creepy Crawley for the day, I ventured from the Pier along the almost seemingly neverending seafront to one of Sussexs most beautiful and most deadly spots Beachy Head, wish I had a camera as would have taken some pics. On the way back to Eastbourne Station I encountered a friendly homeless Brighton born man with a North American accent who let me have a LeeAnn Rimes album for £2, plus witnessed a guy get pinned down by the poice with his wife/ gfriend busting into tears nearby.

On Sunday I managed to survive 16 hours at McCarthy Towers, Burgess Hill enjoying Mr McCarthys BBQ, the infamous pass the parcel which I won some torchlights, and the dance competition which came 3rd despite glitchs that included Kevin Ticehurst being paired up with me at the last minute though I ended up dancing on my own, and put in a impressive performance to finish 3rd out of 3 people. Despite me threatening to walk out due to the glitches. I also did a bit of DJING playing Hacienda Classics, which Mark Potter the Steps fan branded crap. Typical. Considering he also regarded Ian Harte as a class player at Leeds when Peter Chapman said like his other fellow Leeds fans, Ian Harte was a awful player.

I then spent the rest of the night watching Wrestling managing to beat all the Wrestling mad fans, despite the fact I am not intrested in Wrestling, at all. I spent the rest of the night listening to 80's music with Mr McCarthy, Tom Witham, Neil Kane, Peter Chapman, Kevin Ticehurst and his other half. Pictures will come up soon.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

21st August 2007

It looks like now its very likely (though not 100%), that I could be interviewed by Sussex Oakleaf at September at the latest, for the housing support place in Burgess Hill. Which is good news. With me moving in if the move goes well by October. Something which is great news for myself. I managed to see Brighton win a game live properly (apart from the penalty win against Millwall at The Den in November 2006 and the pre season friendlys against Worthing and Crawley) for the first time since that wonderful win against Leeds in January 2006. By witnessing the Albion beat Northampton Town 2-1. Plus I took part in the large Brighton water fight at Preston Park, battling it out for the reds in a defensive role. Though had to leave early, but donated the large water gun to the Reds hoping it would be useful when they went in for the kill against the Blues.

The last few days I have hosted some fine evening partys. To cheer the neighbours up about the depressing weather, hosting music ranging from 60's Funk and Motown to the 90's KLF and present day Dance. The most regular guests being Jo Tsai-Sai, Jason Lightbody, and David Niblett. The BBQ at my place still went ahead, allbeit in a open garage, with some shelter nearby. Was fun despite the weather.

I will be attending Mr McCarthys BBQ on Sunday I fondly look forward to it. As you may notice I have started off a fashion section showing the different outfits I wear throughout the year and will cater for all types of people hopefully, will be more pics in the next few weeks.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

15th August 2007

Not too much excitement has happened in the world of Mr Ball recently due to a lack of pocket of money. There has been no other bizarre dreams whatsoever. Very exciting eh. I have been focusing on beefing up the Save Eastbourne Tennis campaign, getting in touch with the Eastbourne Herald and BBC SCR for some interviews will be contacting other forms of media. Meanwhile congratulations on my brother becoming a fully qualified footy coach gaining mentoring from the legendary George Parris of West Ham and Albion fame.

Meanwhile everyone is invited to Strike Towers on Saturday evening for a BBQ and some drinks feel free to bring up your own alcohol for more infomation check out. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=4181454061

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