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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

2nd May 2007

Been a busy and mixed week. I had a fun evening in Lewes on Friday to watch Andy Rumbles REMF team beat the Croy*on scum on penaltys. Was great having drinks in the terraces and seeing some old and new faces. Well done to everyone organising the evening. Earlier in the afternoon I did visit Anne of Cleves house in Lewes a fine building with a museum a review on the museum will come up soon. Once I am less busy.

Only problem was I stayed so long that I missed the last train from Lewes to Gatwick, so had to go with friends to catch a train to Brighton, but luckily a good samaritian came along and let me stay round his house in BN2 for the night. The next day I promised to the Brewery Tap faithful that I would attend Cheltenham in a mystery outfit, but sadly due to unforeseen circumstances is looking unlikely unless a kind soul offers a ticket and that I can get transport from Gatwick area to Cheltenham. Otherwise would love to go and raise money for the Martlets Hospice. Plus not skint. Following the defeat to Oldham. I walked all the way to the Brewery Tap, where I repayed Andy Rumble the beers he got me when I was at my lowest ebb in mid 2005, on that legendary night at The Prodigal with me admiring Doncaster girls.

Meanwhile have found out more suggestions for housing assocations including one that looks promising with Southdown housing, and have applied for housing in Crawley DOWN, Haywards Heath and Hove. Hopefully something has got to pop up soon to get me out of this depressing hole. Meanwhile it seems Yeeeaaahhh, has taken over from LOL, as the word to identify me with, got to seriously snap out of it.

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