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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 January 2007

A intresting week indeed. For starters I did go clubbing in Brighton on Friday night. Going to Pressure Point, but not getting let in for the indie section due to not having the right ID, but I did manage to have a fine time at the Sumo nightclub for their nightclub listening to fine House and Techno. Then heading home getting ready for the usual dull trip to Withdean to see Brighton fight out a draw against Rotherham. I have been offered places at all the unis I have applied for, with me trying to sort out going to the open day at Sussex Uni on Saturday. I will be going to the Youth Awards at The Hawth though not fussed if I win or not, as the Crawley Youth Awards does not sound the best thing to win. But things are finally starting to look up.

I also have started training with Haywards Heath Harriers AC, I went for my first self-multilation session on Tuesday night, at the classical school gym of Oathall Schools gym. The session went well. I felt better at the end than I thought I did and hopefully it will lead to my return to long distance running.

Well I look forward to Sussex's Open Day if I go and I leave you with this fine video if it pops up that is.


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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

23rd January 2007

Well for starters its my brothers birthday tomorrow Daniel turns 17 tomorrow. Well I had a lovely meal with Lisa on Thursday at The Witch Inn, having a fine meal served by non other than the legendary Dubliner who in his heyday played for Brighton and Hove Albion and Ireland. Was a mission to get there due to the weather we got the train to H.Heath, then were going to walk to Lindfield but got a bus there and back, but then got stuck at H.Heath and Gatwick Stations for ages due to trees falling onto the tracks of the Brighton and Arun lines. But was all good. I have been nominated by Geoff for the Crawley Youth Awards. Not anything exciting to boast (or even scary LOL), but lets see if I repeat my sucess in 2005. Nice to see Brighton won on Saturday, lets hope they can keep it up and at least maintain League 1 football for another year.

I am recovering from having 2 slips in 24 hours on the paths of Ifield on the way to catching the train to college, luckily I escaped with a few minor grazes, in both. Nice to see the Seagulls of H.Heath college seem more cheerful, was nice to see a lovely girl walking round college in the Seagulls scarf. I have been enjoying the mix of old skool and new old skool music on www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk In the meantime I am pondering attending a Albion game in the next week. Plus one of my class mates may have their own monthly column in this website.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What is it with Sussex Sport.

What is it with Sussex Sport



Another defeat for Brighton and Hove Albion losing 1-0 against Millwall despite the efforts by the fans for Danny Lasts ‘Scarf Day’. The result continues the Albions poor run and leaves them 3 points from the drop zone. I feel very glump about the result and wandering if it’s the beginning of the end for the Albion. What with the delays by Lewes District Council which has made the club lose a lot of money.



Will this mean that Sussex will become purely a Cricket and Speedway County, after at first losing first the fine Ice Hockey team in the 60’s they had in Brighton Tigers, then we had the legendary basketball outfit Brighton Bears, founded in Brighton but moved to Worthing had a large degree of success in silverware, before moving back to the Brighton Centre, struggling at first until Mr Nurse arrived and made it the top team in the Country again bringing stars ranging from Randy Duck, to Dennis Rodman. Before mysteriously parking the franchise and leaving Sussex without a major basketball outfit.  Just why is Sussex so unlucky with sports teams and you have a small number of muppets screw the team up that eventully disappears to the dismay of Sussex residents.



I just hope the Albion does not join the above list of Sussex sport footnotes. Otherwise it is very likely we will become a County full of glory hunting Chelski , Manure, Pompey fans etc. (though seems like there already a fair few in the County due to the long Falmer wait). Although some would point to Crawley Town FC as the next team to fly the County flag, I strongly doubt they will ever reach the heights Albion did in their glory years, when they played in the top flight for four successive seasons, played class flair football, attracted County wide crowds of 20,000-30,000, and reached a classic and epic FA Cup Final against Manchester United. In addition to the large numbers of 2nd Generation New Town Cockney wannabes who more likely see the likes of Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford (and possibly a South London team or Brighton if they get there in the top flight for a season) as far more attractive Mecca’s than a Broadfield Stadium outfit that will likely be no more than a Macclesfield Town. The large numbers of Chelsea shirts at T. Bridges Station on a Saturday sums up where the heart is for most Crawleyians, who only go to watch Crawley when their real teams are not playing. Plus it just would not be the same as following the Albion, and chances are I will proberly give up on football if this is the end of the Albion. I can’t and will not follow a Premiershyte team, paying a bomb for the one match a season the shirt, or watching them with a Sky Plus Gold Season Ticket or whatever it is called, and Crawley Town (people know my thoughts on the place), just would not be the same as following the Albion. So will hope there is a AFC Brighton or just stick to tennis and the legendary Sussex CCC.



So the answer is we seriously need someone to sort out the team, and a right sorting at that, otherwise I doubt we will get a stadium as a struggling League 2 or Conference outfit. Bring in some experienced players, bring in a experienced guy alongside Wilkins or even get a guy to take over from Wilkins, and the residents of Lewes District to vote out the likes of rogue councillors Ann De Veechi, Marina Pepper and David Neighbour, lock them up in your cupboards, and make sure they never get elected into a local council or any area in government, and that they are well away from a football team so they can’t screw up another football team like Brighton and Hove Albion. Plus fingers cross stay up. RANT OVER!

P.S written shortly after the Millwall game.

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