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Friday, February 23, 2007

23 February 2007

Well been busy been trying to catch up with homework hence the lack of entrys here in recent weeks. Well the new role at Rivals.net is going well. Finally getting used to updating and doing special features, and hopefully should be a good Seagulls report site. Meanwhile been taking it easy over half term, and been enjoying the Seagulls recent adventures and wins.

Not been up to much as still not much money, but keeping happy, and hoping things continue progressing. I did go to the Uni of Sussex a fine place, and ventured around Falmer before going home, and decided it is the ideal place, and looking at a place in Burgess Hill that I may move to soon.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What is it with me and girls?

Is there really a girl out there that is intrested in me, and not just about sex. I can't just seem to find a girl that I seriously like and at the same time a girl I really like, that seriously likes me. For starters Crawley/ Surrey/ S. London girls are non starters for me, to bitchy, and up their own arses for my liking. Then when I find a girl I really like, I am either too shy to express myself, or when I take them somewhere something always goes wrong, and they end up thinking I am not what they are looking for. Then u get the odd so called girl on faceparty or messenger that sends u link to a bloody sex site. Oh sod it I will stick to being a Singleton for now, and wait until I find a girl I really seriously like like.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Bizarre Streets: Priory Way, Haywards Heath

After starting off at Langley Lane, in Ifield, we now travel south towards the fine Mid Sussex Town of Haywards Heath, one of the few places in the UK that does officaly not have a "Street", and visit Priory Way.

Priory Way

Location: Haywards Heath, Sussex, England, UK, Europe, Earth

This street first emerged from wonderful woodland in the 1960's, it gains its name from the fact there is a fine church nearby, hence Priory Way. The Street contains a fine park for secretly letting of fireworks if you are a bit adventourous. The early history of the street is unknown, but it sounds like it may have been common spot for Fox Hunters, possibly even Genghis Khan may have had a holiday villa with attractive babes on the site here once. Anyway it is in a unique position being in a quiet location not too far away from The Heaths bustling town centre. Dan Miles who has been resident for some time at this address, though he also divides his time at a alternative residence in West Wales, due to University described it as a fine example of a average Sussex Street (or Road as Haywards Heath folk prefer to call Streets), with nice upmarket houses, some not so impressive ones and a little bit of Sussex scenery with the park. I was just about to talk to him about what was the main focal point of the Priory Way community when he had to catch the train back to Wales. I wished him a safe journey.

Notable residents: (past and present) Genghis Khan and thousands of blonde babe (not only joking), Dan Miles

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