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Saturday, December 02, 2006



ISF Members present: John Hewitt, Ashley Bradley, and Charles Ball were present.

Transport: Got to The Den Via Southern and First Capital trains from Crawley to South Bermondsey (via Three Bridges and London Bridge, I got back via London Bridge and Gatick Airport) to Ifield Station.

Pre match drinks: Just a bottle of Coke at Three Bridges Station as 1. Was a bit Skint 2. Due to ticket was barred from exiting London Bridge to the Market Porter pub

Ground: A nice ground with smart stands, shame they dont have corner stands. Stewards were a bit over the top.

 Friendly ness of locals: A mix some nice some horrible, funniest moment was a Millwall fan picking on a fellow Millwall fan who he suspected was a Brighton fan the later saying " You saying I am Brighton, I am ****in Millwall mate, look at my Stone Island, Come up here and I will show you. I went up the wrong part of London Bridge and ended up walking up with a large bunch of chanting Millwall fans. I got constantly asked on the train from S.Bermondsey if I took it up the ****. In fairness not as bad as some people make out.

Place: Did not seem much but seemed a bit of a depressing place with caravans and temp houses though some houses did have nice Christmas Deceration

All in all a great night out, a great win and great noise by the Brighton fans surprising 900 traveled from Sussex or from work residences in London, to see the mighty Seagulls win.


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