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Monday, October 26, 2015

26th October 2015

Things have been good news and bad news the last week, best to start with the good first.I enjoyed the Abbotsford School reunion, meeting various past faces seeing that a fair few are doing well in life chatting about school life and 90s fashions, suggesting Mr Fahey do a sitcom to rival Danny Baker's Cradle To Grave, hearing about Stephen Fosters latest comedy plans, and my former teenage love for Anna Kournikova coming back to haunt me. 

I have been referred to the voluntary Work Choice programme by Job Centre in hope it can help me into part time work, though knowing the luck I have had with past work programmes not sure it will work but better to give it a go I suppose. I do my beast to keep positive and feel things are going alright in this direction.

The bad news is however that firstly I have had stomach pain issues the last week, that resulted me missing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels musical in Wimbledon (plus not getting advance ticket money back due to not activating £4 payment thingy beforehand), though consolation was watching the Back To The Future Trilogy at home another fine 80s movie classic. I however went to doctors found out it was a sort of stomach ulcer and been on medication for few days and feeling better.

Plus feel I have got a bit sluggish with things at home so going to see Sussex Oakleaf and see if they can offer a bit of support for assurance that I am doing things right like they did when I moved into my current flat aka Strike Towers a few years ago, so I feel comfortable, happy and content things are dealt with. It helps Sussex Oakleaf are based in same building as Crawley CVS where I volunteer. Have a good week people.  

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