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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

5th May 2015

To be honest I feel like the only bright thing in my life apart from.family is my volunteering at Crawley Cvs, where I feel sane there and people there look out for me. There has been one or two issues in my life recently, and can't go into details too much, but to be honest outside Crawley Cvs I just feel like I want to go home, curl up in bed and escape from the world recently. Does not help matters when one or two individuals think I overhyped my autism/ aspergers and a guy this afternoon in the streets moaned at me for saying thanks 'Quietly' when I walked past him and I promptly said sorry.

To be honest I feel I need sometime away from the world to calm down and sort my head as I can be prone to getting anxious, and that world is against me sometimes, apart from a few individuals. I just want to really focus on my volunteering, gradually leading to great part time job, at the moment and not have this constant worry, or focus on too many things that stresses me, I just want to focus on one or two goals. Not sure if anyone can relate to me on this?

Think I want to have a quiet simple month.

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