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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18th February 2014

For starters happy belated Valentines people! So how did I spend it, well I am not a massive St Vals fan but the night before the stormy Valentines Day I took Emma to Cineworld Crawley to watch The Wolf Of Wall Street, it turned out to be a movie based on the real life story of Stockbroker Jordan Belfort, featuring plenty of birds, booze, drugs and more birds, booze and drugs. Possibly not the sort of movie you would watch on a Valentines date but we both enjoyed it and was lovely to see that Margot Robbie (once upon a time played Donna Freedman in Neighbours), has come a long way, Leonardo Di Caprio proving he is a good actor and not simply just decent in Titanic, and was lovely to see Joanna Lumley put in a few cameo appearances looking like a lady you would not say no to a date even if she is old enough to be a mother or grandmother to you! 


All in all it was a great evening despite the fact we did not get out the cinema until 11pm. In other news I have been doing more preparation stuff before doing the more advanced ECDL stuff by attempting the Level 2 database test, and I have been busy helping out with the social media at friends charity shop Oxfam Crawley. Luckily I did not get seriously effected by the stormy weather apart from Gas Meter door outside Strike Towers getting torn off and Garden Door getting slightly adjusted making it near impossible to gain access to back garden! But thoughts to those that were badly effected in the West Country or the Thames Valley areas especially! 


Finally I have been touring the Sussex and Surrey area performing my unique versions of Wonderwall (Oasis and Mike Flower Pops) at karaokes, and getting great receptions at the Duke of Wellington in Brighton last month and just about a week ago wowed the punters at The Old Chestnut in Earlswood, and a few people may have noticed a tweet/ status about my activity at Earlswood Station after leaving the pub. Thank goodness Southern Rail have not stuck any footage from cameras on Youtube yet! :)


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