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Monday, December 14, 2009

14th December 2009

Last few weeks have been frustrating; firstly it looks likely now I won’t be moving into flat until the new year! I found out main reason they are taking ages is not just refurbishing, but also damp proofing the place!


It means I won’t be able to get a new job due to my mild autism until I move into flat, meaning I won’t have much money over Christmas period, so kind of restricts going out! Therefore I have been a bit down concerned I might be drifting back to depression, only real adventures last few weeks have included the odd fun clubbing at Audio and seeing the legendary Baby D and Slipmatt at Concorde 2 a Raindance event! Along with the usual wonderful but erratic Brighton and Hove Albion FC matches


So it looks like I am heading to Christmas and 2010, penniless, on the verge of hitting mid 20s, single, stuck with not a lot to do, and a big question mark over my life!


Only real positive I can think is I gained a new nickname, Los Angeles legend Ashley Ingram has referred to me recently as Chucky Boy, reminding me of that great minor celebrity Anglo-Canadian Jeremy Bamford who I worked with at Sports Soccer (since called something else) who gave me the nickname Chuckles (after his pet rabbit!). So my nickname in Canada (where they like to be different) is Chuckles and in the US its Chucky Boy. haha

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