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Sunday, June 01, 2008

1st June 2008

Well I have been busy with my homework the last few days, and worried this website will be abandoned like a wife in the woods. Anyway I had a whale of a time in Brighton last Friday with Paul and Ian Grimshaw my new neighbour, we went to a class Bureau of Silly Ideas performance where they tried to extract two squids from the English Channel, to mate underneath Jubilee Square in Brighton and them emerge in view at the square, that got us all excited, pictures will be stuck up very soon. Afterwards we had drinks in the Bath Arms, and then went clubbing in Audio, having drinks etc with Matthew Wilkin, James Luckin and Marcus Hancocks. We were making the most of the fine Summer of Lurrvveee night. Sadly we did not pull any girls, just came home a bit drunk.

Meanwhile My brother (Daniel) and his, and his friend, have been demonstrating the correct ways to play Warhammer, there will be a special guide on this website by the pair soon, to check out their first view videos which have caused controversey especially among hardcore Warhammer fans check it out.

please note they are not using their real voices, and lots of warhammer are certainly going to be harmed.

Volume 1


Volume 2


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