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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1st January 2008!

Happy new year to everyone.. Hope you had a wonderful christmas and behaved yourself on New Years Eve. Though guess most reading this have possibly just got out of bed. I had a wonderful Christmas around my parents, watching endless Morecoombe and Wise. Having a wonderful christmas dinner. Other than that I have had a quiet last few days due to being cautious with funds. I ended up staying in for New Years Eve, entertaining young at heart middle aged neighbours with games such as Who Wants to be a millionaire. I was informed by Andy Rumble he was at a wonderful 90's party in Hove, though he would not give the exact location, so I did not go. Although it seems a mystery fan or friend of Mr Ball, decided to give me a special mention on National TV.

As me and my neighbours were sipping down drinks and watching the London Fireworks on ITV1, broadcast along the bottom with other texts, was a message that went something like "Having a wonderful time/ party at Arnolds Place, missing Mr Ball & Co, in the Hove area". Who was the mystery female that decided to mention Mr Ball on National TV, and was it really mean't for me or another Mr Ball that lives in Hove?

Meanwhile tomorrow is a special day, as it marks 22 years since the arrival of Charles Ball to planet Earth. Although not much will happen due to lots of people being hungover. Plus next week will see my return to Haywards Heath College, continuing to complete the course.


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