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Saturday, September 08, 2007

9th September 2007

Not too much has been going on the last week. I have had a bad cold that has included headaches that have felt like my head 'getting checked by a jumble jet'. The news about the Albion has been impressive. With no more challenges to the Falmer decision and the Albions impressive form. Only blip was due to me feeling unwell, I did not meet up with my old school mate Eddie Biddle last Saturday at Harry's Bar in Worthing, due to the cold and also the fact I had my Seagulls top on. Surprisingly it seems that Brightonians seem to think that Worthing has been a dead town since the early 1990s (when Sterns closed), well that was the view of Brett Mendoza, Andy Rumble and Jude Marley. Who when I told them I was going to a Hardcore music thing at Worthing, looked at me as if I was going to go to some fantasy fairy tea party. Hopefully I can prove them wrong when I next go to Harrys Bar.

Meanwhile I enrolled at Central Sussex Haywards Heath on Friday, and saw the nearly completed new campus, though I will be spending the whole year in the cosy old campus. Plus a few people from the previous year will be starting alongside me in Kat, Gail and Annie. Looking forward to the fine education offered by the likes of Carol Gray, and Elizabeth Brooks.

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