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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

20 March 2007

I managed to get my presentation on Friday out the way on the British Post Office, with a smart slick show with Powerpoint. Mentioning the history and then the present problems surrounding it, and will await the tutors comments on the presentation. The next day I woke up with a nasty sore throat, and got the train to Preston Park, only to find out on the way to the Albion match that I got the wrong tickets so when I got to Withdean I had to race to get a spare ticket for myself and Icy Gull junior before the Icy Gull family arrived to save my skin, and that at least the I. Gulls could enjoy some football. Luckily I did get the tickets sorted. (For more details of the game you know where to go)

After the footy I went to the Basketmaker Arms to have a drink with Andy Rumble, Simon Valder, Brett Mendoza, Lokki7 (of NSC fame), plus others. Rumble (former HH College student) told me that he would miss the fine mid 20th century architechure of the legendary Haywards Heath College (I know its now Central Sussex Haywards Heath Sixth Form College but who cares.) as it will eventully make way for a new state of the art campus. After mourning about Englands failure to win the Six Nations, it was off to Hove for Steven Valders 30th birthday party. The venue was a fine pub (which name escapes me), near the seafront and a fine petrol station to get some cash. Downstairs played some fine dance music, while the main party was upstairs. I met old and new faces, had a few drinks (with one ending up on the floor accidently). All in all was a good event again was nice to meet some old friends like Wilko, and nice to meet Helen. Also was great to meet other new faces, and see Steve in top form and have a great birthday, anyway due to the sore throat I decided against clubbing in Brighton and walked through the quiet streets of Hove to the station to get the train home.

I spent most of Sunday in bed feeling crap, and only just about got into college on Monday, but feeling much better in addition to finally getting womens rights essay in. Well got my meeting at Crawley Open House to see if the Sussex Oakleaf form has come in so can fill in and get a appointment sorted out down Burgess Hill. ASAP. Finally welcome former Albion star Geoff Pitcher who is now PSCO in Ifield (well the crappy part. LOL.) 

P.S Haywards Heath College Students

Due to the popularity and the way the BHA posters brighten life in college I will get some more uptodate ones for at Saturdays game. Anyway thumbs up to any access students, and BHA fans at college.

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