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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3rd January 2007 (first entry of 2007)

Firstly happy new year to all my readers. I turned 21 yesterday having somewhat quiet celebrations. Been a very mixed Christmas and new year, what with Brighton suddenly playing like crap, making me feel like going off football, and catching a bus over to East Grinstead to watch top flight Hockey action from East Grinstead HC. Anyway I bumped into a few old school mates at Haywards Heath recently, and am planning a kind of reunion, as one of my old teachers the legendary Mr Jenkins is moving up to Haywards Heath, and have a kind of reunion at some Mid Sussex pub it would be fitting seeing my old school Abbotsford recently closed. I did go to a Albion match the dreadful wet and windy game against Carlisle. In the East Stand with the likes of Ashley Bradley, and Chris Tipple, we got soaked in the first half, along with some fine girls in the stand that always has about 10 people, then got blown away by the wind in the second half. New Years Eve was a laugh I decided to escape from my Middle Aged neighbours and fetch a train down to Brighton. I attended a free party at Pressure Point, had a lot of fun, a few drinks and a mystery girl that used a make up pencil to draw on half the people at the club including yours truly. I was worried for a minute she was going to turn me into some kind of goth. I must have looked like some weird freak with the black marks down the left side of my face. I even scared a group of people as I was heading to Brighton Station to fetch the train home, who thought I was cut. Anyway I also saw that New Years Eve can bring out the scary side of people, I had a lady with a guy near the seafront approach me and kiss me on the cheek in front of what looked like her boyfriend. I also had a guy play wrestle me. Huh what scenes.

I was hoping someone could guide me to a decent after party somewhere in Brighton but sadly was not to be even though the dontstayin website said there would be a few. So headed home and did not escape my bed til about 2pm. Not long to go now until I return to the fine centre of education that is Central Sussex Haywards Heath. Plus looking forward to the Albions visit to Upton Park. Plus need to give my place a right tidy up. Along with homework anyway take care my friends.

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