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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

19 December 2006

Just to start off rest in peace to Mick Dickins, who has sadly died. I have been a bit of a fan of his of his shows for a few years, and sad to hear he has died.  RIP M.Dickins 1946-2006

Anyway college has finished for me now, and will be going back on January 8th. Plus will be spending Christmas at my parents house. I managed somehow to get all my college work out of the way. Easing the fears about my work. I am hoping to chase a ticket for a end of month Seagulls match. While having nice big sleeps at home and not getting out until Midday. Plus I have managed to get a form of messenger sorted out so you can chat to me as whenever you want and can use any version including Yahoo etc.

Just one rant before I head off it seems like that Quizmania has mutated into lots of different call money game shows,(including the Mint and Cash4Call), it seems like the only thing on TV as I was flicking through the TV last night at about midnight. What is happening to British TV, is this really the future? If so not very nice. If it carrys on I think I will blow up all TVs. Considering the fact I barely get any Sussex or Brighton and Hove Albion news where I live.

Anyway seeing as this may be my last diary entry before Christmas. Happy Christmas everyone, and I am going to put up a mickey take panto of Jack And The Beanstalk, before Christmas. Its in the planning stages at the mo, and hoping it will come soon.

Happy Christmas and a happy new year. Charles

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