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Sunday, November 27, 2005

FAO These people in Lewes District Council


Of Lewes District Council


M P Chartier

(Lead Councillor for Housing)

N A Commin

(Lead Councillor for Planning)

S B Davy

(Councillor without specific responsibility)

A C De Vecchi

(Chair) (Policy and Financial Strategy)

S I C James

(Councillor without specific responsibility)

E W Lee

(Lead Councillor for Community)

S J Osborne

(Lead Councillor for Environment)

D O Rogers

(Lead Councillor for Staff & Corporate Services)

N R Turner

(Councillor without specific responsibility)

Now then I know I have never lived in the LDC area in my life. but I have a fair few friends that do. And I am asking you, please don't make my friends that live there suffer financialy, or lose their football team that they have supported for all their lives. The same goes with friends in the rest of Sussex, even though we don't have to pay, we will lose a football team. That I have followed (and supported for a few years) for all my life. So please withdraw your judical review or people will suffer.




Regarding your closing line:

"So please withdraw your judical review or people will suffer."

From this statement I infer that you are threatening to inflict violence on members of the Council. Please clarify this point within 24 hours otherwise I will take the matter up with Sussex Police.


Posted by: N R Turner | Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I did not mean violence to anyone, just mean't that fans will suffer not having a team, I do not condone violence in any way. No worries. lol

Posted by: Charles Ball | Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Thanks for clarifying. I was, of course, having a laugh. Hope you don't mind. Keep making us smile.

By the way, do you still dislike the French? Even Carole and Frutos? You should go to France dude, it's really nice. Kind of like the UK would be if people still had manners and it wasn't full of chavs.

Posted by: N R Turner | Thursday, December 08, 2005

Prefer not to comment, but I like both Frutos and Carole.

Posted by: Charles Ball | Thursday, December 08, 2005

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