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Friday, October 21, 2005

Me and Strike Factory get mention on Support4pseudo site

After reading a article in the Argus I was moved about a 16 year old Sussex girl from Eastbourne called Rosie Herbert who has this rare illness that causes her to be sick a lot sadly. What really moved me is that the illness she has not a lot of people understand it, and think of it as something else. I decided to have a look at her website to find out more and found it intresting a good website and moving, despite not having the illness. I decided to leave a comment, being a ex Youth MP. and it made it onto the site, www.support4pseudo.co.uk, if u check it out there. It reminded me of me having slight autism which a lot of people also misunderstand about, thinking people that have it are similar to the guy from Rainman which is not true with all people that have it. But I support her site, and which lovely Rosie good luck with her future, and hope the illness does not effect her anymore than it currently does, u are a brave girl Rosie.

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