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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Anyway I have spent the last few days jobhunting, I am putting on weight, so it means I am losing that skinny boy look. The agencies are looking out for me, NSC is back. Tomorrow I will bring u a full report on the Worthing VS Brighton game, Sussex minor celebritys going include, me, Laura, Ashley Bradley, John Hewitt, Scott McCarthy and some of his Croc friends possbily David Kislingbury, Carley or Daniel Ball. Last night on MSG Mess me John, and Laura had a amusing chat on Sussex accents and this is what we decided how the accents went in Sussex, here is what we agreed and what my verdict is

Crawley - A mix of Wigga and South London, though some of the small group of decent Crawley people mostly villagey parts of town, sometimes speak in R.O.S accent.

Brighton and Hove - Similar to BBC English, but has strong traces of Victorian London and Estuary English and very faint farmer tones

Rest of Sussex (I speak in this accent) - Again similar to BBC English, but has traces of farmer accent, and very faint tones of Victorian London

Littlehampton - According to John Boy slightly different from R.O.S accent as they say Lttle'ampton.

If u disagree or would like to complain please send a email to me and I will sort it out.

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