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Sunday, July 10, 2005


After the events of Thursday, I feel much better and recovered from shock, over the last few days I have been in a mixed state of Shock, Anger and Sadness over the bombings, even worse I know a few people working near the sites, and a friend of mine Carley was at Kings Cross when the bomb off there, luckily she escaped with just some cuts and bruises. I am glad everyone I know in my friends and family circle is alive my thoughts and prayers are with the dead and injured, and that whoever did these bombings are just cowards.

Anyway apart from this I feel better and had a good weekend around my parents, I spent it watching movies, eating good grub, and messing about on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas my brother blowing up planes on the road, looked pretty entertaining. Meanwhile in France, Brightons defeat to Froggies outfit Le Havre was about the only bummer to the weekend, but its good experience for the players. Anyway the Strike Factory Seagulls tour begins on Wednesday with the friendly at Worthing, plus continuing the Strike Factory South Coast tour. I am planning on a day out with my brothers at a place somewhere on the Sussex coast, next week, more info will come in the next few days. Anyway take care people, live your live, and be cautious and make sure idiots don't try and wreck your life in anyway.

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