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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy 30 years Neighbours.

The show that started on this day 30 years ago celebrates its 30th anniversary today, I was born a year after the show started in Australia though was about 10 months old when it first aired in the UK in October 1986. My earliest fond memories of the show revolve around Bouncer the dog in the early 90s along with the then catchy Neighbours theme I know about the Scott and Charlene stuff and got it on DVD but too young to have watched it first time round in late 1980s, Gradually I got into the show, growing up seeing moments like the deaths of Julie Martin and Cheryl Stark, Helen Daniels words of wisdom,  Annalise Hartman brightening up the day, seeing Toadie Rebecchi grow up and lose his ponytail, the return of Harold Bishop and the shock affair of Karl Kennedy and Sarah Beaumont.

Then in 2000s we saw the storms of the Scullys eg the feud between lovely sisters Steph and Flick over Marc Lambert, losing legend Madge Bishop, me admiring ladies and their stories like Sky Mangel and Elle Robinson, the House of Trouser game, Dee Bliss disapearring into the sea, Paul Robinson returning in style burning down Lassiters and killing Gus Cleary, superbitch Izzy Hoyland causing mayhem around Erinsborough. Afro Harold andhe entertaining Timmins family. Could go on and on. haha

I then went off the show for a few years but resumed watching regularly in 2012, seeing moments like Toadie and Sonyas stormy wedding, the death of Kate Ramsay, and the 30th anniversary episodes sure look to be tasty, and happy to continue enjoying watching the show like I have done down the years.  

Its been a great 30 years and long may this great show continue to produce great moments, and being a great popular Aussie export here in England and rest of the UK, cheers Neighbours cast and crew, happy birthday. :)  

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