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Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th November 2010

As people may have noticed I am starting to drift the site away a little bit from just diary entrys and now adding a random article on some strange random facts from around the world! The diary entrys like this will remain though. In truth the last two weeks have been a little quiet apart from the work experience and resuming the cooking course!

There will be a new Strike Factory Quote Of The Year competition and there are currently two entries I would like to nominate Sarah Steeples for her 'Do they make porridge?' in reference to the Quaker House that Strike Towers used to be based close to! The other is a surprise challenge from Woking manager Graham Baker for his comment pre penalty interview 'My players will close our eyes and hope for the best' and the Cardinals did just that against the Seagulls! Its up to the public to decide who wins by posting comments here or on facebook!

I have been addicted to old skool computer games from the old Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for my North American fans) the last few weeks, using an emulator and enjoying the likes of Sonic, Mortal Kombat 3, and Super Fantsy Zone! Dont make games like that anymore!

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