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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sport Thoughts(Isner Mahut)

Isner Mahut match

One of my earliest tennis memorys as a kid stems from during rain delays at Wimbledon, BBC would show footage of a classic tennis matches one that excited me (esp Sue Barker showing a unique smile before this one) was a 1969 SW19 match between Passarell and Gonzales, which was then the longest match in Wimbledons history! Now it was not just the lack of chairs tie breaks or the use wooden rackets that excited me, I used to wonder how long a set could go on minus tiebreak for before the players passed out as in theory could go on forever but reality near impossible, I thought maybe 42-40, it would take about over 10 years after watching this seeing my childhood question put to the test! At a first round Wimbledon match on Court 18

The set ended up being longer than I imagined and indeed longer than the previous 4 sets. Intresting players involved young up and coming American John Isner seeded Top 20 vs experienced French journeyman Nicholas Mahut a promising junior that had dropped a bit in rankings and had to qualify for Wimbledon with tough draw beating Britains Bodanovic in another marathon set 24-22 and former Top 20 Stefan Koubek to get to round 1!

Watching it was truly amazing on and off, first saw it at parents 28all and was truly amazed it was fun at first but as more games passed you wanted someone to end this set as looking more tired and spaced out. The state of the art scoreboard struggled to keep up to date with score even. They mostly aced each other or struggled to return serves towards the end. Eventually although looking more tired it was Isner that edged it 70-68 the longest tennis match in history, longest set, most aces, points games. So many records.

Even stranger was the on court presentations on Court 18 after the match, seemed like some bizarre final than a first round match. I imagine it was last thing Mahut would have wanted.

Mahut played doubles not long afterwards, while a tired injured Isner pulled out his second round match and is now the talk of chat chows news in the US! It shows how impressive the fitness levels of tennis pros are.

But praise to the pair of them for this strange, amazing classic encounter and will be nothing like it shame one had to lose.

Monday, June 21, 2010

21st June 2010

I am yet to hear about my job application, whether it was pass or fail. However in the profile section of this blog I have stuck my CV (minus phone and address), with email for those that want to consider employing or hiring me for any work. I am a keen worker and seriously want something to do over the summer and not just twiddle my fingers at home.

Otherwise the last week has involved mostly trying to find a cooking club to broaden my virtual zero chef abilitys. Taking all week before finding one at the Open House. I witnessed one of Sussex's great Twenty victorys against Hampshire, in what was my first cricket match since seeing Sussex play at Lords last year courtesy of Ed Bassford and Roz South.

Then with Ben Miller going on a Ronnie Moore Richard O Brien tribute adventure night around the city of Brighton and Hove seeing the classic Babybird and then somehow I sang the whole lyrics of Blurs Girls and Boys at Life to the amazement of clubbers!

On the train back my only main memorys are I was greeted by wonderful site of Mark Potter it looked like he had come from a board meeting as he left the train at Haywards Heath Station.

Aside from Englands poor start but I still believe they can progress, I have been keeping an eye out for Switzerlands results and no its not just because of Roger Federer or Robert Miles. They were selected via Connexions sweepstake, and a day later I went nuts at LB1 as they stunned Spain courtesy of a Gelson Fernandes goal, but as I write they have just lost to Chile so like En-Ger-Land will be a nervy final game for Swiss fans!

Track of the day: Robert Miles - One On One

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome back McCarthy

I am pleased to see the return of McCarthys Industries after the site went quiet, mostly due to Scott focusing on finishing uni at Cheltenham.

I first discovered this great site during 2004, when browsing through websites of my former school town Burgess Hill, and been a fan since then, being a regular guest at McCarthys BBQs. It has since branched out with sister site We Are Brighton becoming a popular Albion fans site and not only is its back its better than ever, Congratulations and welcome home Mr McCarthy.

Meanwhile I see Haywards Heath have set up a website almost identical to rival brothers Burgess Hill called Haywards Heath Uncovered. Be interesting how this branches out will East Grinstead follow their lead?

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