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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The complex problem of women

I just got thinking this when I read an article in the Argus about 20 naked men appeared in front of a young lady and touched her up but did not rape her, and police are after the 20 male students behind this at the University Of Sussex.


Would it have been reported and have police investigate if it was 20 naked women touching up a innocent young guy that had a girlfriend or wife and not interested in the girls. What if it was a gay guy the naked women were harassing (that might get a bit more press)? I know with guys it would be more if you were not interested, you must be a freak and more that you are not really a victim.


Next up is dating with girls, you get shy girls and not so shy girls, same thing with blokes. But how comes in England and the Western world a shy girl is generally cute and cool, but a shy guy is seen as a weirdo, a freak (even though some like me can be outgoing) and even gay as one girl thought I was once. Yet in places like Far East (Japan esp) shy men seem to be popular.


Its just when you go out, for some reason women want men to do the things first on a date, like organising the date, being the first to ask the girl out, and ask if you love her and kiss. But what if you are a shy guy? It’s that deep down you do like the lady, but you wait for her to signal she likes you but never shows the signs, but as someone like me you don’t want to pressure and hurt the girl into a kiss or any realitionship.


Its also maybe the fear of rejection. Its easier for a chap like me to wait for the girl to kiss you or tell you she likes you, but with girls it never comes. They want the bloke to do all the work. The Anglo-Saxon feminist movement does not help either, whilst it has brought some good, it makes some guys like me think that men in some things are too pushy with girls when feminists really just protest about the more aggressive males not really shy type they protest about.  So frustrating in my past experiences with women, that I am considering not bothering anymore. Its most likely I will be a bachelor for the rest of my life, or I will move to Japan and have fun with women out there!


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