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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22nd October 2008

Been trying to sort out my erratic sleep patterns which has mean't often I have not got off to sleep until 4am, and went to doctors where I was diagnosed with mild depression. On Friday I stupidly forgot to get a ticket from Haywards Heath to Brighton, and got a penalty ticket though due to depression I can appeal against it to prevent a £20 fine coming my way.

I went on another wild adventure with Dan Rolf and a extra man. Though not as lucky as the previous Saturday, after having a Space Invader themed rave at Rolf Manor in Rottingdean, we got a cab to Brighton starting off at the RDF bar, where we saw disturbing scenes a drunk man shockingly reluctant to get on the table with the ladies, plus the drinks were oddly poor, next it was off to Weatherspoons, having some drinks, then off to Revenge where the girls were disapointingly more intrested in the celebrity guest the guy that plays Hollyoaks gay man John Paul. I came close to pulling a 38 year old ladie but then a lesbian told me to back off even though the woman said she was single and liked men.

We tried a couple more bars before heading back to Rolfs Manor deflated. I bizarrely spent the night with a towel wrapped around me on a sofa, though was honoured to have spent the night at one of the most legendary buildings in Brighton and Hove.

Getting help from Connexions regarding jobhunting, and hoping to land some work soon, and will be at the Lewes bonfire festival enjoying the Wicker Man feel to it.


P.S Check out strikefactory.proboards.com for some interesting discussions.


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Friday, October 10, 2008

10th October 2008

A month has past and Strike Factory is back for good and is here to stay. I regret letting blogspirit down, and trying to distance myself from my Strike Factory creation, I am sorry and hope blogspirit and my fans give me another chance. Its been a tough month but getting over it, has helped a bit with Brighton stunning Manchester City in the Carling Cup, though missed the game due to ticket being late.  I also missed the Cheltenham draw due to a nasty cut, though managed a wonderful night in the town with Mr Dan Rolf, sampling two gay clubs and meeting nice str8 girls, with Rolf having luck with a nice Seaford blonde, while I managed to pull a lovely black girl from Burgess Hill, sampling fine dance music as well.

Meanwhile I am back with Rivals.net updating the Seagulls site, and hoping for a proper full time job soon, I am getting help from Connexions and also will be in touch with Central Sussex Haywards Heath again.

Music I have been listening too (mostly a retro synthpop flavor)

Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

Pet Shop Boys (late 80's- early 90's stuff)

Katy Parry - I kissed a girl (love that song for some reason!)

Various stuff from Cagedbaby, Prodigy, Toploader, Primal Scream, Strike, Alice Deejay, Shapeshifters.

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