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Sunday, July 27, 2008

27th July 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates in recent weeks, I have been taking a break to try and get over the depression. Firstly I would like to thank the McCarthy family for the great BBQ, thanks for the great bbq work Tom and Alison as ever. Plus thanks for being the great host Mr Scott McCarthy. There was plenty of highlights at this years one, with the first bout of violence in the pass the parcel in which yours truly won the Virgin Mary, and some plastic gloves which I forgot to collect from McCarthy Towers.

Anyway there could have been two bouts of violence with Neil Kane being involved in both incidents, as me and Kane had a slanging match throughout much of the pass the parcel it nearly turned into a melee between me and the famous Sussex County League football star. Luckily Mr Ball managed to keep his cool. Surprisingly a row developed between Neil Kane and James Calver, over how the parcel should be correctly passed. Which led to a duel between the two. The funny thing was that James Calver was trying to be a peacemaker between me and Kane earlier on in the pass the parcel competition when it looked like it would turn nasty.

If you want to check out Kane and Calver playing with Tomato Ketchup, plus the exclusive McCarthy/ Ball duet of Last Christmas along with Christmas songs sung by other guests, check out the video links at McCarthys site.


The other highlights included, Tom Withams obsession with playing the German National Anthem, due to getting tired debating with fellow Brighton fans on whether Kerry Mayo should maintain the pitch of Withdean. There was the legendary discussions with Rumble on 90's Eurodance. Testing poisionous vodkas with Jamie Jones. Mark Potter dancing to Steps with his oven glove on that he won in pass the parcel, and finally Dan Collins claim to the throne of France and England through his ancestors the Plantagenets who reigned over England. There were other stories but I could go on all day.

Then afterwards it was off to Brighton. To meet up with Wilko and co, at Audio to celebrate the 31st anniversary of Matthews birth. It was a shame that his birthday and BBQ clashed with McCarthys annual BBQ but it was still a brilliant occasion. Afterwards I enjoyed the rest of the night having beers and listening to the likes of Moby, and informing fluffer (of NSP), that I have a wide taste of dance music that goes beyond 2Unlimited.

Apart from that weekend I am planning a new project in which I need contributors details will be announced in the next 24 hours. Plus through neighbour Paul there will be pictures for my fashion section including me showing my feminine side again with a bit of assistance through the legendary Heidi Marshall. Keep in touch.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

9th July 2008

Sign up for mr Balls Strike Factory Super League with this code on the fantasy Premier League code 54439-18879

Plus see if you can beat my mighty Crazy Ravers there will be a nice prize for the winner of the competition which I will keep a mystery.

Meanwhile Mr Ball has just about completed his college course, though it looks unlikely I will be attending the University of Sussex to study history. However fear not, I will find something hopefully. At least the benefits are I will not drift off into mountains of debt. I would like to thank the NSP crew for their support, and will do my best to continue fighting off the depression.

So looks like it will be a summer of jobhunting, cricket, and fun nights at Audio. Plus I am currently fighting my bank who have charged me up to 40 pounds all over a transaction that was only a pound.

Have a good summer and there will be new pictures coming up, and this site is currently going through a revamp, with the weblinks being updated as some were dead, or needed a new link (as in the case of North Stand Polls).

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