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Monday, April 07, 2008

7th April 2008

I managed to save a neighbours life on Saturday night, I was watching TV in the lounge, when I thought I could hear someone groaning, and faintly asking for help. It was just after midnight and everyone where I live were just about fast asleep. I went to disturb Eamonn Rea, who was enjoying his dreams about naked blonde Swedish women messing about with Harps. We explored around the outside of the building and found one of our elder neighbours on the floor drunk (he rarely gets drunk), apparently he had been to his sons housewarming party just down the road. We both managed to get him out the cold and into the warmth of the indoors.

It was lucky I was up after midnight, if I had gone to bed a bit earlier I would not have heard his crys, and he would have frozen to death.

Meanwhile it is the easter holidays for me, and I will be in attendance of the REMF game on Friday cheering on my fellow Brighton supporters.

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