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Monday, August 06, 2007

6th August 2007

If you are wandering why the movies and music have disapearred from Strike Factory its mostly because of a little revamp the site is currently going through. So it can be more sleek looking. Meanwhile not too much exciting has happened during the week mostly due to lack of funds. Though I managed to piece together some money for a return ticket to Brighton and some drinks on Saturday for Pride. It turned out to be a day that went horribly wrong. I arrived nice and early and was venturing around Preston Park by 11am, I then put on my sun tan lotion, though must have put too much on as just after midday in the lovely hot Sussex sunshine. My eyes started watering, as I walked up following the parade to Preston Park.

It was lovely witnessing some fine bandstands especially the bandstand with the people with large tennis rackets and footballs that said at the back of the float "Come And Play With Us." There were a nice mix of Strights, Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians and Crossdressers (I was not dressed up.). By the time I got to the Wild Fruit Tent at 2pm, my eyes were watering like mad, I went to the first aid place in the park, but declined water being put into my eyes as can't stand stuff being put into my eyes, so I held out at the Wild Fruit Tent, managing to get a glimpse of Fatboy Slim performing. Though my eyes sadly got worse, and decided to head home early as did not find anyone I knew, and felt resting myself and the eyes would be a better idea. I ended up waiting for about half an hour for a train, with people that walked past me thinking I was either on drugs or suffering from a bad dose of hay fever.

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing or going out for walks. luckily my eyes got better going from strong pinky red to white by Monday morning.I have learn't a harsh lesson about sun tan lotion, don't put too much on and make sure none makes your eyes. 

Early this morning I had a dream about messing about with Andy Rumble on some night out along with Mrs Rumble, before ending up round his place sleeping on their sofa with them checking and looking very curious about my swollen eyes as if it was some kind of miracle. A bizarre dream in the very least.


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