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Thursday, February 08, 2007

1. Langley Lane, Ifield (Crawley), Sussex, England

The first street to reside in the series of Bizarrestreets is Langley Lane, in Ifield, Crawley, which is at present home to Mr Charles Ball myself.

Name: Langley Lane

Location: Ifield, Crawley, Sussex, England, UK, Europe, Planet Earth

Langley Lane is located in the very villagey part of Ifield (though Ifield also has a shitty part), in Crawley it is a very different world to the rest of the bland, soulless, dodgy, London like town that is Crawley. For starters it has a unique Quaker room meeting house, that is almost like a court house a much better place to decide the action on Crawleys ASBOs. It is a long but dead end street, so you don't get much traffic going through unless some clowns have taken a wrong turning thinking its a through road. But it still somehow along with a few other streets nearby manages to retain the Sussex character though it is slowly getting Londonized, and found most of the locals are foreign. As you come in you will notice a fine surgery called Langley Corner surgery, where all kinds of people with in 10-15 miles of the surgery seem to go for treatment (including even Wayne Henderson). Anyway the biggest claim to fame the street has is that it is the place where the book for the Alfred Hitchcock movie Dial M for Murder was written in a house called Belgair house now demolished. Other residents of the street include

 Peter Crouch, Charles Ball, Kevin Holman, Eamonn Rea, John Trice, David Niblett, and Wallace and Gromit.

I have lived in the street for about 7-8 months, and is not a bad place but hope to get out of here and escape soon. LOL

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