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Thursday, July 14, 2005

14 July 2005

Well, I have done some jobhunting the last few days, I have applied for some jobs in shops, I had a good evening in Worthing last night, I traveled from Strike Towers to Brighton. Met up with Laura, Ash and John at the Clock Tower. The most surprising thing was me John and Ash, were all in navy Palookaville Albion tops and jeans. Whilist this sort of thing is acceptable in Brighton we were worried that a few locals would be picky about this in Worthing and think we have some kind of special realtionship. We encountered a Palarse fan on the way to Brighton Station, and showed him love. Then we went and got our tickets, I was using a special ticket that I nicked from Eugenes Crawley home earlier in the day to get me half price travel from ST to Brighton and Worthing then back to ST. We got to Worthing in perfect time, and spent about a hour having fun at a pub by Worthing Station, in the company of the likes of Andy Rumble, Brett Mendoza, and some other legendary Albion fans. We all got loaded with drinks (me with Coke and Red Bull), John Hewitt took some pictures, then a few minutes before the game we left for the great footballing arena of the Ryman Premiership Stars worthing, with the 3 in navy Albion tops trying to keep their distance. We were joined by Yoda on the way to the ground who decided not to go the same fashion route as us 3 did as did Laura, who looked nice in her White top and long brown Skirt. The first half us 3 Palookaville Boys kept our distance due to our worrys about the locals.

We witnessed new boy Colin Kazim Richards score his first goal. Then in the second half, feeling confident we went in a nice little stand at the other end of the ground. We gave praise to Mark Ormerod (of Hereford 97 fame), who was in goal in front of us, we witness a few penaultys, with Jake sadly missing one. According to John Hewitt we made it onto Seagulls World,when it shows one of the penaultys scored by Chriss McPhee. But our navy tops caused us to clash. After woods we went to the bar in the main stand, we shook the hand of Albion New Boy Kazim Richards. But the action really happened in the bar, in attendance was me Ash, John, Laura, and Yoda, sitting near us was too former legendary Albion Keepers John Keeley and Mark Ormerod. John got totally loaded with Alcohol, while me Ash, Yoda and Laura were able to contain the small amounts of alcohol in our system. Comment of the evening was said by both me and Ash, "Is Jimmy Squirrel, his real name from NSP" we asked Yoda a former work collegue of Darren. This caused everyone to laugh, and me and Ash to blush big time." There was action from a nearby table, as a fellow Crawley Seagull I knew was having some fun play fighting with some fellow pissed local Seagull fans. Then when sipping some Fosters beer, I accidently choked on the beer and spat some beer in the direction of Ashley Bradley, this disgusted the whole room, well more like made them laugh. We stayed until 10:30pm when we made our way through the dark Worthing Streets back to Worthing Station. All in a good state. And all got home fine.   

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