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Saturday, June 11, 2005

10 June 2005

Well I am going to be skinto this weekend. Which means I will be restricted to watching Queens tennis on TV and drinking endless lemonade. Anyway I had a good day today. I went down to Brook Street agencie (yes Kristian I can confirm), and I was there for a hour signing on. The women there were all friendly and fit, with the added bonus of one of them being a Albion fan. I signed on with them and amazed everyone including myself with my computer skills, being above average in almost everything. Saying I should have been employed by Alan Sugar to be his apprantice. LOL No way I would, but it seems like I should get something quickly.

Anyway I am continuing to consider things that will improve this site. Sorry about the poor quality last diary entry. It was just one of those days. Some things I am considering is more pictures in the picture gallery, and possibly a prediction league. Who knows.

P.S Can the person who I know is joking about with the joke comments like cunt and spunk, please FUCK OFF please. Thanks. LOL, Sorry about my languange but I need a way to get rid of this person.

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