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Thursday, November 19, 2015

24th November 2015

I got headhunted by an agency last Tuesday and offered a temporary part time job as Leisure Desk Administrator at a local gym, that would last for a week possibly until Christmas. It was great news and an opportunity to gain paid work experience hopefully leading to something good long term. I did my first shift on Wednesday, and adapted to the role pretty quickly got on with the staff well, then did another shift on Saturday, and was enjoying the experience.

Sadly though due to technical issues with it being short term temporary work, and despite the efforts of Lynn at Job Centre to get the hours down so it meant I would not lose my ESA with work being just a month and avoid the stressful process for an autistic/ asperger person of having to reapply for ESA if no longer term deal was offered at Christmas, it has sadly meant the end of this job experience. It was not an easy decision, as mentioned I enjoyed the work but with no firm guarantee it would be long term or short term role with hours that would not make me lose ESA, could not continue. Do feel disappointed but life goes on and the agency still have me on record so you never know maybe in the future they will find me something suitable or maybe not and I look elsewhere. Plus was valuable experience that I have learned plenty of lessons from despite the brief stint and thank the people for the opportunity. But back to square one for the time being.

So will be resuming my volunteering assistance services as Front Desk Man at CCVS, and occasionally the lads and girls at the Oxfam shop in Crawley.

After a complaint from one blog reader that I mention too much sport, have decided to keep it quiet until the end. I am split over whether to attend high flying Brighton Vs Birmingham City at the Amex on Saturday or stay at home and watch the Davis Cup final Day 2 on BBC between Great Britain and Belgium, one of the biggest weekends for British tennis fans in many years, your thoughts those that love sport?

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10th November 2015

I have been up to a fair bit the last 2 weeks or so, with me finishing my last volunteering shift as room steward at Nyman's for this year before business resumes next year with more rooms open in the house so looking forward to end of winter break in March. Plus have been invited to at least 3 Christmas Dinners so far, with the varying volunteer roles I have, plus started the Work Choice programme to seek long term employment and more one to one help hopefully.. I have been trying to be more diverse in my job searching as a big problem was at school and college I was mostly trained and believed strongly that an office admin role was my line of work (after dreams of being an artist and professional tennis player were ruled out). Only that once I left college I found this kind of work much harder to achieve than I thought, especially with mild autism so have been trying to train in other areas hence the Oxfam shop work and Nyman's Room Steward roles have been a big help getting me to do other things rather than just office work, and meeting great people. It helps keep me on my feet and not shutting down being reclusive at home.

I have been to see 2 theatre shows in last 2 weeks seeing firstly Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in Woking with Carley Stenson plus Noel Sullivan starring in the show, and then on Saturday following a drink and celebrating Brightons win against MK Dons with friends I attended the Emporium Theatre to see Dial M For Murder the crime/ thriller play based on the Alfred Hitchcock movie. The theatre itself was an interesting venue a former church converted into a little theatre and bar with character. It was overall a great show and a treat afterwards to have a drink and chat with the cast of the show by Terri Dwyer (actress/ presenter known for Hollyoak's and 60 Minute Makeover) discussing things from theatre tour life to fondness for shortbread and where to find bargains for the stuff. It will be going on a National Tour with Talking Scarlet productions next year, so was a great opportunity to catch this show in a intimate venue like the Emporium, overall a great weekend.

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