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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy birthday Strike Factory

Strike Factory celebrates its first birthday today, Yippee. LOL. Anyway even more good news, is I am 90% certain I will be moving to a nice new place called Camfield on Monday in the old Villagey part of Ifield just outside Crawley, though its under Crawley Council land, it seems nothing like 90-95% of Chavley. More like a village like nearby Rusper, or Lambs Green. I might joke in future I come from nearby hamlet Ifieldwood. LOL. Which will do until I get a flat somewhere nice in Sussex. So a fair bit of celebration at Strike Towers.

The only bad news for Strike Factory fans, is I will be losing this pc after moving out, so my only hope of internet access in the future will be college, local libary, or work (if I get work soon). So may be less updates, but will update best as I can anyway. I went to the Sussex cricket on Monday at Horsham, to see mighty Sussex win and means Sussex (as I write), are still unbeaten, move over Chelsea FC, Sussex CCC are the daddys of English sport at the mo. Also am planning a possible Strike Factory party soon. not much planned but something in the pipeline, more info soon. Also was in Haywards Heath last week, for the college interview which went well. I then went into the Burrell Arms, and guess who I bumped into, Mr Rumble, Mr McCarthy, and Mr Potter, all in the pub at some stage, a fun afternoon it has to be said in there. Discussing things ranging from right wing politics, Peter Crouch's usefulness, to futures at uni or college. I am looking forward to Saturday, for the Hampden Park (Not the legendary home namesake of Queens Park FC) fundraising. And will be going to Wimbledon next month hopefully, and will attempt to make the Davis Cup tennis at Eastbourne, and will chuck in the odd Twenty Cup appearance at Hove. Anyway gotta dash now.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

25th May 2006

Well just as I go to press I see the Enron people have been.... oh sorry thats very boring lets not discuss that. Well been a bit busy the last few days, I did visit the legendary Haywards Heath campus of Central Sussex College, and found out they do have a adult history course, and also have invited me to do a politics course, due to my experience of politics as a Sussex Youth MP, and Youth Councilor. And could possibly lead to uni. I also visited the Other House of Love ( the original one being Norman Cooks residence in Hove), in Ifield on the outskirts of Creepy Crawley to see the place I could be moving into, seems like a very nice place that will do for now, while Strike waits for a real Strike Towers. I will be going for a dinner at the House of Love next week, and if it goes to plan, it become my residence for now. I will certainly be making a appearance at Horsham next week for the cricket with possibly the odd Albion mate, a brother making a Sussex appearance, and possibly Chris Geddes having a debut with the Sharks. Hopefully it will be the C and G trophy fixture which is on a Monday. It seems a ideal time to watch Sussex now top, and acting like a runaway train after clobbering Durham to death away this week. Sussex really are making up for Brightons disapointing season. though looks like McGhee is working hard which I am delighted. 

Edit: A certain Mr Cullen has helped establish what looks to be a promising BHA site for those fellow Seagull fans that read my site, to check it out check this link people. >>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.bha.vitalfootball.co.uk/


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Strike Factory S.Cricket League latest

  Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pnts
1 Minghawk 5 7 8 11     31
2 automad 3 5 6 10     24
3 John-Boy 0 6 7 9     22
4 Hacaman 0 0 5 8     13
5 phippse 0 4 0 5     9
6 Taylor159370 4 3 0 0     7
6 SurreySeagulls 0 0 0 7     7
8 cgeddes10 0 0 0 6     6
8 THFC fatboy 2 0 4 0     6
10 Palace where they belong 0 2 3 0     5
11 Rangers51 0 0 0 4     4


So with two rounds to go looks like Minghawk is running away with it, but will he hold on in the last two rounds, or will he surprisingly not appear giving me or John Hewitt a chance at the title, will Chris Geddes the Brum City boy in his late charge in the League scupper one of the three contenders chances. Don't think its over yet and looks like there could be some drama as the battles for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals looks to get tense.  

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