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Monday, August 29, 2005

Its back 29/08/05

Yes Strike Factory is back, huh, firstly thanks to Rogue for being a big help, over the last week for starters, what a amusing day, I have had today, I thought my macdonalds interview at Gatwick was at 10:00am today, only to find when I got there it was 3pm, I got back, tidyed myself up and then headed back to Gatwick, via the Fastway bus, I got to the interview bang on 3pm, just as the mighty seagulls some 20 miles south were kicking off what would eventully be a impressive 2-0 win for them, I reckon the interview went well, and got back to the North Terminal bus stop, only to discover I did not have my fare to get me back to Strike Towers a few miles away.

I had a think, and decided either bunking a train from gatwick to Crawley, or walking to town to save a penualty fare, and money, I decided for the second option. I for some strange reason decided to walk on the Sussex/ Surrey border path, part of the pathway had some rusty old fencing on both sides of the path (Possibly from the good old days when Brighton and Palarse fans really disliked each other so much, they had to put fencing to separate the Brighton Sussex fans from the Palarse Surrey fans no offence to any of my Surrey based friends including Seagulls with the misfortune to live there).

To my horror I ended up on the edge of Horley only just in Surrey. AAHHHH, is Mr Ball doomed to eternity in the dull county? No I am not, I luckily got my brain into gear and went the right way back to Strike Towers in SUSSEX, a few miles away though it was quite a walk. LOL But I am safe and sound, I found the fare that was to get me home from Gatwick in my bedroom when I got back. GRRR what a dunze I am still I got  more money for food at least LOL

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Friday, August 19, 2005


Due to some personal problems, with my life I am trying to sort out. I have decided to not update this site at the mo. Whilst I try and sort out my life, the same goes for my Albion attendance career. I will be back here soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

FAO Andy Rumble and Boo Sticks

I would like to say sorry to these people for causing confusion, saying they were the same person when they were quite clearly not. I am sorry if I have offended u guys in anything I have mentioned on this site.

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