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Monday, August 15, 2005

Crawley Town FC

Ground: Broadfield Stadium, Crawley Game: Crawley VS Weymouth Dr Martens Premier Division March 2004 

Friendiness of locals
 As I have lived in Crawley for most of my life whilst u get a few people that are friendly, most Crawley people seem a bit too stuck up, and arrogant for my liking and not that friendly, no offence to any of my Crawley fans. And also seem to look more towards to Surrey and South London when they should be looking South towards the rest of Sussex. 3/10

Local totty
Sadly there is not much talent in the town, whilst u may get some fit local girls, most girls seem to be the same all being bitchy and sluttish. I would say only 10% of girls are decent again no offence to any girls that read here that live in the town  3/10

Arena rating
Its actully a very nice stadium, its relatively new having been opened in 1997, crowds are about average for a team like this, but atmosherpre could be better 8/10

Cost of food at mentioned venue

I would say food and drink is priced fair for a team this size 8 /10

Cost of Venue entry

Pretty good to be fair and I can see the club are actully making an effect to attract under 16s in the hope they can get a following 9/10

Bars and clubs in Crawley

To be honest Crawley is shit for nightlife, the only 2 nightclubs, are chain clubs and full of idiots, most of the bars are awful. There a few good pubs in the town that are chav three, other than that I would not bother with a night out in Crawley


Overall of Crawley
As u can tell I am not that keen on the town overall, as someone looking to seriously move out in the next few years, but the town has a nice little football club in Crawley Town FC, with a nice modern stadium that would not look out of place in League 2.